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Past Masters

Where consecutive dates are given, it is an indication that the named W Bro served as WM for two or more consecutive years.

Past Masters of the Kingston Lodge of Freemasons No 1010*


Past Masters of the Kingston Lodge of Freemasons No 1010

 1864  Simeon Mosely  1865  R. A. Marillier
 1866  C. Copland  1867-8  Ll. W. Longstaff
 1869-70 C. J. Todd  1871 C. G. Roberts
 1872 J. Pyburn  1873  P. C. E. Stromer
 1874  E. W. Garforth  1875  W. Hunt
 1876  C. H. Johnson  1877  G. W. Pyburn
 1878  G. Bohn  1879  F. A. Hopwood
 1880  F. W. T. Thorpa  1881  B. S. Jacobs
 1882  H. Forder  1883  J. F. Nicholson
 1884  A. E. Seaton  1885  W. H. Wellsted
 1886  F. Fullerton  1887  H. F. Pudsey
 1888  J. Bilson  1889  J. G. Smithson
 1890  F. S. Broderick  1891-2 H. Woodhouse
 1893  J. W. Mason  1894  R. Cason
 1895-6  C. Judge  1897  W. F. Harris
 1898  A. E. Peasegood  1899  T. L. Locking
 1900  G. T. Lawerence  1901  B. Barton
 1902  G. A. Nock  1903  W. J. Birks
 1904  F. Fugill  1905  S. Harley
 1906  T. W. Holditch  1907  A. W. Turton
 1908  J. W. Shaw  1909  J. H. Payne
 1910  W. H. Stickney  1911  W. A. Smithson
 1912  E. Turton  1913  B. S. Jacobs
 1914  A. Thorney  1915-6  W. H. Smith
 1917  M. V. Gosschalk  1918  H. Wright
 1919  E. H. Turton  1920  H. W. Locking
 1921  F. Linsley  1922  J. E. D. Stickney
 1923  T. R. Roger  1924  E. B. Robinson
 1925  A. W. Purchas  1926  A. R. Tankard
 1927  C. G. Wellsted  1928  H. Dewse
 1929  M. Jacobs  1930  H. O. Locking
 1931  R. B. Blair  1932  J. F. Gill
 1933  J. M. Dosser  1934  J. W. Thomas
 1935  W. V. Cavill  1936  C. M. Strachan
 1937  D. E. Crickmay  1938-9  P. H. Lambert
 1940  E. K. Locking  1941  I. G. Innes
 1942  C. H. Pollard  1943  A. Pickard
 1944  E. M. Dearn  1945  E. F. Graham
 1946  D. D. S. Stewart  1947  A. M. Boyne
 1948  R. D. Miller  1949  F. S. Mowforth
 1950  D. L. M. Tod  1951  H. F. Strachan
 1952  E. C. Mallett  1953  S. T. Bontoff
 1954  WM Elect died (C. Dawson)  1955 Jan  E. P. Sharp
 1955 Dec  E. L. Wright  1956  T. G. Burton
 1957  A. S. F. Oliver  1958  E. D. Gosschalk
 1959  H. L. Cotterell  1960  W. Whitworth
 1961  J. Parkes  1962  D. C. S. Downs
 1963  E. C. Parslow  1964  S. Trout
 1965 J. M. Broderick 1966  C. N. Bruce
 1967  B. Reffold  1968  W. Moore
 1969  J. E. Porter  1970  J. P. Hall
 1971  J. R. Bridger  1972  G. Richards
1973 J. C. P. Sharp 1974 J. M. Broderick
 1975  B. Kilvington  1976  G. Hill
 1977  J. R. Trout  1978  D. N. Broderick
 1979  G. G. T. Kinnersley  1980  R. W. Heslop
 1981  A. E. Pratt  1982  H. G. Procter
 1983  A. Ramshaw  1984  D. Porter
 1985  J. P. Seaton  1986  A. R. Wells
 1987  J. M. F. Braddock  1988  R. Grove
 1989  E. E. A. Dibnah  1990  D. A. Montgomery
 1991  S. J. Ramshaw  1992  R. A. Taylor
1993 P. J. Jordan 1994 N. G. Steel
1995 L. N. Lurie 1996 P. Stott
1997 E. Haworth 1998 M. K. Booth
1999 T. G. Dillon 2000 L. Morgan
2001 J. Digby Bates 2002 O. Newton
 2003  B. Everatt  2004  T. G. Dillon
 2005  D. B. Gallop  2006  B. Hovell
 2007  R. A. Bristow  2008  A. Norris
 2009  M. H. Watkinson  2010  P. L. Adamson
 2011  W. M. Hartley  2012  N. Armstrong
 2013-4  P. Goldthorpe  2015  W. M. Hartley
2016 M. C. Whereat 2017-8 L. Morgan
2019-21 M. G. Price 2022 M. C. Whereat
 2023  G. Crossland    

* Spot the anomaly. 

 The two entries for 1955 are not erroneous.

Brother Cyril Dawson must have been looking forward to the December meeting of Kingston Lodge in 1954, as he had been nominated as Master Elect and would have been placed in the Chair that evening 

He never attained that distinction. Voted in as Worshipful Master Elect on 3rd November 1954, Bro Dawson died unexpectedly two days later.


A Hull solicitor he had joined Kingston Lodge in 1933. He was a keen outdoor man, a member of the Kingston Rowing Club and the local Aerodrome Club that Amy Johnson flew home to Hull in her newly repaired aircraft after her record-breaking solo flight to Australia in 1930 and landed on this site. Dawson would probably have met her.


Dawson was a serving Officer on the Northwest Frontier in India during the Great War. In the Second World War performed his duty as Adjutant of the local Home Guard.

 Post-war, Captain Dawson maintained his military connections by becoming the Treasurer of the local branch of the British Legion.

 The Kingston Lodge minute book recalls the sombre December meeting, at which Worshipful Master Bontoff imparted the sad news.

 A fresh ballot was held that evening to elect a replacement Master for the ensuing year. The scrutineers announced in favour of Bro. Philip Sharp, who was duly installed into the Chair on the 5th of January 1955 in the auspicious presence of the Assistant Provincial Grand Master and his team of Officers.


Neil Armstrong Lodge Historian